HINDSIGHT IS 20 / 20 ...

Hindsight is 20/20.  The logical explanation of events - analyzed after the fact - is often straight-forward.  But if the logic of a situation is so straight-forward, why wasn't it anticipated in the first place?

If you could "go back in time", could you address the problem?

Maybe.  What would it take?  Who would you convince?  By what means? 

Was the Civil War inevitable?  What could have been done to avoid it?  Should the Donner Party have stayed on "the main path"?  Could you convince them?  Was the Challenger disaster preventable?  What could you do to alert engineers? 

And what about "the future"?  What events in the future will we look back on and say, "This was preventable"? 

Let's take a few historical excursions to investigate the past, present, and future - as if we were there?  How might we pretend this?  Like it's a dream?

I introduce you to ....




Taking the Idea of "Inception" to the Next Level



NEXT UP:  The Titanic

Why did it sink?  Why did so many people die?  An irresponsible captain.  Not enough life boats.  We've heard all the stories.  And they're all wrong.  Could the collision have been avoided?  And if not, could the passengers have been saved?




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