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The Goal


It's an amazing world out there.  Everything is interesting!  That's the good news.  The bad news?  Not everybody can know everything.

What can we do?

Since some people  are knowledgeable in a particular field, job, course, etc., let's ask them!  But not only ask --- but organize the knowledge in a format the rest of us can understand!


Below are eight simple observations, and a reasonable answer to the question.  This part alone can be very challenging.  Let's move on.

If you know something about these eight things, click on the respective "continue" link, and read on.  Where things are wrong, fix them.  Where things are missing, fill in the blank!  And if I've left the door wide open, walk through and contribute!

The website is, right now, not very "user-friendly" regarding back-and-forth.  It will be, though!



How does a key unlock a door?

How does my car go?

How does my GPS work?

Why do I need glasses?






How does an automatic garage door open?

Why do I need a tetanus shot?

How is a rainbow formed?