"It Has An Insistent Quality About It"


Forget every formula you've ever been taught.  Using the same thinking process, imagine being able not only to answer the following questions correctly, but also with 100% confidence!






Question (and answer)

Problem 1



Problem 2


Problem 3

The odds of me winning are 7:11. What is the probability I will win?


Problem 4

Find the sum of the internal angles of this polygon:



Problem 5

How many combinations can be made with these letters:

a, b, c, d, e, f


Problem 6

Find the slope of a line perpendicular to:


Problem 7

Find the midpoint of

(4,1) and (2,7)



Problem 8


Problem 9

Find this trapezoid's area:


Problem 10


Problem 11

How many numbers are in the sequence 14, 15, 16, .... 92. 93. 94


Problem 12

A polyhedron has 20 faces and 12 vertices. How many edges does it have?


Problem 13


Problem 14

How many lines are in this circle of 16 points?


Problem 15

What is 6,240,000,000,000,000,000 in words?


Problem 16

Find the circumference:



Problem 17

Put this in scientific notation:


Problem 18


Problem 19

 Find the area of this triangle:


Problem 20

I make $200 and get a 200% increase. How much do I make now?


Problem 21


Problem 22

The red slice is what portion of the whole pizza?


Problem 23


Problem 24


Problem 25


Problem 26

by prime factorization


Problem 27

How many points of intersection are there in this design?


Problem 28


Problem 29

What is the approximate latitude and longitude of Kansas City?


Problem 30

by prime factorization


Problem 31


Problem 32

30% of what is 120?


Problem 33

I drive 40mph for 80 miles and 80mph for 40 miles.  What was my average speed?


Problem 34


Problem 35


Problem 36


Problem 37

What is the volume of a cylinder with radius 5" and height 10"?


Problem 38

In "The Lucas Tower" (Tower of Hanoi), what is the minimum number of moves it takes to complete the game below?


Problem 39

If I start at “Start”, and can only move down hitting one point at each level, then how many ways can I finish at “Finish”?


Problem 40

A surveyor wanting to cross the river has recorded the following data.  How wide is the river?


Problem 41

How many cups are there in 6 quarts?


Problem 42


Problem 43


Problem 44

A decreasing number is a number where each digit is less than the prior digit.  How many decreasing numbers are there less than 1000?


Problem 45


Problem 46

What is the probability of winning the PowerBall?


Problem 47


Problem 48


Problem 49

Find the distance between (4,1) and (2,7).


Problem 50

is an example of what property?


Problem 51



Problem 52


Suppose the NCAA goes to a 128-game basketball tournament, single elimination.  How many games are played?


Problem 53


Test scores are 55, 60, 65, 75, 90, and 92. What percentile is the 90 score?


Problem 54



Problem 55


Problem 56


I flip four coins.  What is the probability I will get two heads?

Problem 57


The general format of a Kansas license plate is:

letter letter letter - number number number

How many different Kansas license plates can there be?


Problem 58


If I throw 1000 darts at this target, randomly, how many can I expect to miss the circle?  (Assuming the darts land somewhere on the square).


Problem 59



Problem 60


Suppose I have two prime numbers x and y.  Multiplied together, the product can't be prime, because it's divisible by both x and y.  But what if I take (xy) + 1.  Is this prime?






Or maybe they're right.  Whatever the case, they're all hurtful, because I can't understand anything going on!


(A Short Video on the Area of the Trapezoid)




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