Dec 1-16

Dec 17-31


2008 Year In Review:  2,050 Pages



Jan 01: George Washington Carver In The 21st Century

Jan 02: An UDE - Or Not An UDE: That Is A Question

Jan 03: The Privatization Of (Logical) Trees

Jan 04: The Highway System

Jan 05: A Happy New Year: A Logical-Haiku

Jan 06: Law Enforcement And Racial Profiling

Jan 07: My "Feynman-Test": Do Something.

Jan 08: Mary Poppins And System's Improvement

Jan 09: The Shortcut Dilemma

Jan 10: The Visual Display Of Information

Jan 11: Arthur C. Clark: Envisioning A Geosynchronous Orbiting System

Jan 12: In Search Of A Rational Penal System

Jan 13: The Aurora

Jan 14: In Search Of Simplicity

Jan 15: Anomalies

Jan 16: The Ant And The Grasshopper

Jan 17: Black Holes, Strange Attractors, And Basketball

Jan 18: Music And Meaning

Jan 19: The Moral Meaning Of Chess

Jan 20: The Poetry Of The Automatic Garage

Jan 21: To Hit Or Not To Hit? That Is My Question

Jan 22: The Logic Of Quadrilaterals

Jan 23: Is A Puzzlement!

Jan 24: Julia Sets, Fractals, And Thinking Processes

Jan 25: Architects Of Their Own Future

Jan 26: The Goal Of Education

Jan 27: Why Can't We Be Friends

Jan 28: The Dustbowl, The Caveman, And Galloping Gertie

Jan 29: Presidents Through The Ages

Jan 30: The Caveman And Chaos Theory

Jan 31: Math Formulas And Frigid Weather


Feb 01: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapters 3 & 4

Feb 02: Caught in a Timeless Dilemma

Feb 03: The Super Bowl, Roman Numerals, and Cognitive Development

Feb 04: A Preference to Apathy over Ignorance

Feb 05: Reality, to be Conquered, Must be Obeyed!

Feb 06: Economic Fallacies and Uneaten Cakes

Feb 07: Flavors of the Month all Taste the Same (when they're still in their wrappers)

Feb 08: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapters 5 & 6

Feb 09: The Quadrilateral Jamboree

Feb 10: Iterative Effect-Cause-Effect Logic and the Context Syllogism

Feb 11: The Dénouement-Detective (untying the knot)

Feb 12: First-Hand-Accounting

Feb 13: Visual Vocabulary

Feb 14: The Ultimate Occupational Dilemma

Feb 15: Chronologic Basketball

Feb 16: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapters 7 & 8

Feb 17: The Simultaneous Nature of the Predicted Yet Unintended

Feb 18: Systems Theory, the Federal Reserve, and the Fuzzy Cognitive Map

Feb 19: Coal and Electricity

Feb 20: The Highest Office

Feb 21: A School Bus Tragedy

Feb 22: The Arete of Line Designs

Feb 23: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapters 9 & 10

Feb 24: A Lunar Light Show

Feb 25: A Foreign-Language Wish-List

Feb 26: How NOT To Argue Regarding HealthCare

Feb 27: Iatosthenes' Revenge

Feb 28: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 11

Feb 29: In Honor of Leap Year


Mar 01: Robert Frost, Mending Wall, and Poetry

Mar 02: The Supreme Count - Visually - Through the Year

Mar 03: The Sub-Prime Fiasco

Mar 04: An American Grammar

Mar 05: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 12

Mar 06: Our Own Writing System

Mar 07: The Origins of Logical Haiku

Mar 08: A Letter to the Philamath Society Regarding Morris Kline

Mar 09: Challenging Intuition Directly

Mar 10: Rivers and Dams

Mar 11: In Search of Simplicity

Mar 12: The Simplest Equation in the World: The Mandelbrot Set

Mar 13: Understanding Shakespeare and Hamlet

Mar 14: Integrity

Mar 15: The Incredible Bread Machine

Mar 16: Three Layers of Causality

Mar 17: A Good Man: Lew Anderson: Part 1

Mar 18: Good Intentions Gone Bad

Mar 19: Cars, Trains, and Systems

Mar 20: The Federal Reserve, the DJIA, and the Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Mar 21: Rethinking Pi-Day


Mar 23: Candy Cane Pipes "about town"

Mar 24: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 13

Mar 25: Counter-Intuition: Revisiting the TOC P-Q Game

Mar 26: O Captain! My Captain! and the Metaphor

Mar 27: Strangers in the Night

Mar 28: No Season Better: Sports Forensics

Mar 29: Sediment Revisited

Mar 30: Prime Numbers from a "Manipulative" Perspective

Mar 31: Why I Could / Would Never Go Back to School


Apr 01: The Incomparable Chuck Jones

Apr 02: The Interests of the One - The Interests of the Many

Apr 03: The ACT: A Conversation with Myself

Apr 04: The Quadratic Stream

Apr 05: The Aluminum Bat

Apr 06: Deal or No Deal


Apr 08: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 14

Apr 09: Questions I Get

Apr 10: Turkey Dinners and Steering Wheels

Apr 11: In Search of The Missing Yard

Apr 12: Logical Thinking

Apr 13: To Have a Neighbor, You've Got to be a Neighbor

Apr 14: Visualizing Prime Numbers

Apr 15: The Main Way in Education

Apr 16: Hypocrisy in Action

Apr 17: The Olathe School System - Visually

Apr 18: The Case of the Submerged Theory

Apr 19: Fall, Water: Just Don't Fall on Me

Apr 20: The Time for Proper Action

Apr 21: I Declare April "System A" Month

Apr 22: Communication Breakdown: Part I

Apr 23: The Politics of "Interest"

Apr 24: If I Were a Blossom

Apr 25: Center Pivot Irrigation

Apr 26: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Apr 27: Digital Turkish Rugs

Apr 28: Aunt Polly and the Get-Back Plan

Apr 29: Communication Breakdown: Part II

Apr 30: A Few Degrees of Separation


May 01: ZZ2 + c

May 02: Plus or Minus

May 03: Energy for the 21st Century +

May 04: Rabbit Seasoning, Eclipses, and Thales

May 05: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo properly

May 06: 2-Dimensional Cellular Automata

May 07: CHOICE

May 08: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 15

May 09: Recommended Changes to NCAA Basketball

May 10: Let's Begin with Level Flight

May 11: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 16

May 12: Spherical Graphics in Excel

May 13: Oil and Gas

May 14: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 17

May 15: Iatosthenes' Revenge (part 2)

May 16: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapters 18 and 19

May 17: Visual Remainders:  Pascal and the Mod Squad

May 18: Three Haikus

May 19: To Kalon!

May 20: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 20

May 21: Euclid and His Prime Numbers

May 22: America's "Forgotten War"

May 23: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 22

May 24: The Viability of the Computational Universe?

May 25: The "Class 3" Aberration

May 26: An "Alfred Nobel" Siting - in Nebraska / 2008

May 27: Function Maximums and Minimums


May 29: Spherical Cellular Automata

May 30: The Infield Fly Rule

May 31: Architects of Their Own Future: Chapter 20




July 01: Beyond the Second Amendment

July 02: Beyond Our Borders

July 03: An Inevitable Crisis

July 04: The Simultaneous Nature of the Predicted Yet Unintended

July 05: Battle Fatigue

July 06: Social Engineering

July 07: The International Community and Africa

July 08: On Open Letter to Dennis Moore

July 09: A Clarion Call For Even-Ness

July 10: The Logical Educational Extension

July 11: Law Enforcement and Racial Profiling

July 12: Honesty: Consistency Between Words and Actions

July 13: The Power of the Mind

July 14: Plus Or Minus

July 15: Be Careful What You Wish For

July 16: The Nature of "Bias" In Reporting

July 17: The Incredible Bread Machine

July 18: Airbag Deployment

July 19: Theological Cake

July 20: The Logic of Light Rail

July 21: Youth and Athletics

July 22: A Protection Racket

July 23: The Visual Display of Information

July 24: Kelo Revisited

July 25: If You Call A Tail A Leg ...

July 26: Advanced Placement - Reconsidered

July 27: The Educational Musical

July 28: The Danger of Awards

July 29: Why Don't We Vote ...

July 30: The Real Source of Inflation

July 31: The World As It Can Be - As It Ought to Be


August 01: The Proximate Event (Chapters 1 and 2)

August 02: NUMB3RS

August 03: The Proximate Event (Chapter 3)

August 04: Career Wins

August 05: Rethinking Baseball Strategy

August 06: The History of Paved Roads

August 07: What to do - oh, What to do!

August 08: Algorithmic Botany

August 09: Houston, We Have A Problem

August 10: NBA Basketball and The Matrix

August 11: The Shadow I Cast

August 12: Architects of Their Own Future: An Introduction

August 13: The Geometry of the Game

August 14: The World's Greatest Athlete

August 15: The Proximate Event (Chapter 4)

August 16: A Random Road Normally Traveled

August 17: Midwest NKS Conference Abstract

August 18: From Leonidas To Phelps

August 19: Eccentricity

August 20: Flying High

August 21: GIVE 'EM HELL!

August 22: The Montessori Method

August 23: The Olympics Come To A Close

August 24: My Random Walk

August 25: The Proximate Event (Chapter 4: Part 2)

August 26: Brother, Can You Spare a Token

August 27: The Proximate Event (Chapter 5: Part 1)

August 28: The Santa Fe Trail

August 29: The Santa Fe Trail

August 30: Low Hanging Fruit

August 31: The Proximate Event (Chapter 5: Part 2)


September 01: Right Around the Corner

September 02: The Santa Fe Trail (Part 3)

September 03: The Proximate Event (Chapter 6)

September 04: Proper Context

September 05: The Proximate Event (Chapter 11)

September 06: In Search of the Greatest Baseball Achievement

September 07: The Louisiana Purchase

September 08: Polygons, Circles, and Playing Around

September 09: The Star Spangled Banner (revisited)

September 10: The Proximate Event (Chapter 7)

September 11: The Santa Fe Trail (Part 4)

September 12: The Proximate Event (Chapter 10)

September 13: Morris Kline: A Commemorative Stamp Campaign

September 14: The Proximate Event (Chapter 8)

September 15: Conduction: A Natural Integration of Induction & Deduction

September 16: Weather War

September 17: The Santa Fe Trail (Part 5)

September 18: The Moral Meaning of Money

September 19: A Letter to Olathe Police Chief Janet Thiessen

September 20: Lissajous Figures

September 21: The Magnificent Tower Crane

September 22: Fall Season - Just Don't Fall on Me!

September 23: A Drunken Random Walk

September 24: The Proximate Event: Writing the Book

September 25: Common Language

September 26: The Spectacular Stradivirius

September 27: Paul Newman: RIP

September 28: The Practice of Polygony

September 29: Warning the Rulers from Time to Time

September 30: Connecting the Dots


October 01: The Fractal Phenomenon

October 02: My Line Design Black Hole

October 03: The Louisiana Purchase: A Brief History

October 04: A Logical Haiku Invitation

October 05: Ideas Have Consequences

October 06: A Moratorium on Prices

October 07: Intellectual Flotsam and Jetsam

October 08: Of Value to Whom - and For What?

October 09: An Early Halloween

October 10: A First Hand Look at the Santa Fe Trail

October 11: Bankruptcy - of a Moral Kind

October 12: A Growing World

October 13: Columbus in Context

October 14: The Story of An Athletic Asterisk

October 15: A Bilge Bay Reservation

October 16: Robin Hood - as he Was - and As He's Remembered

October 17: The Geometric Mind

October 18: Somebody Do Somethin'!

October 19: I'll Meet'Cha Halfway

October 20: Public Seating

October 21: No Taxation - EVEN WITH Representation!

October 22: A General State of Dissatisfaction

October 23: Chloro-phyll-osophic

October 24: It May be Mere Face Paint to You

October 25: Zooming in to See a Picture of Yourself

October 26: Revisiting "The Fairness Doctrine"

October 27: 53 - 47

October 28: The Lattice Method of Multiplication

October 29: Off To Indiana

October 30: Sampling the Computational World of "Turkish-Rug" Skylights.

October 31: The Presidential Vote Over Time




December 01: Let it Snow!

December 02: When the Bough Breaks: Part I

December 03: The Geometric Mind: II (Chapter 1)

December 04: An Introduction to the Syllogistic Dictionary

December 05: When the Bough Breaks: Part II

December 06: The Geometric Mind: II (Chapter 2)

December 07: Bingo

December 08: When the Bough Breaks: Part III

December 09: The Geometric Mind: II (Tentative Chapter 3)

December 10: Ominous Parallels

December 11: The NBA Draft

December 12: The Geometric Mind: II (Tentative Chapter 4)

December 13: The Greatest

December 14: The Geometric Mind: II (Tentative Chapter 5)

December 15: Bending the Twig

December 16: Second Wind

December 17: Second Wind: Finishing Up Part I

December 18: Second Wind: Part II

December 19: Second Wind: The Denouement

December 20: The Geometric Mind: Part II

December 21: Goals for 2009

December 22: The Geometric Mind: Part II (next chapter)

December 23: The Geometric Mind: Part II (next chapter)

December 24: Global Haiku

December 25: The Fractal Nature of Reality

December 26: On The Brink of ...

December 27: The Geometric Mind: Part III

December 28: A History of the Thermometer

December 29: Enough is Enough

December 30: The Geometric Mind: Part III

December 31: The Year in Review